Study Plan Guide

As we are going through the study plan we will be using the following spreadsheet to track our progress.

Click on the following link to download your excel Study Plan Guide

Study Plan Guide

We will be using this guide as a check list and cliff notes during the study times.

Week 1 we will continue to cover the Accounting &

Reporting (we will read from “The Book” and from the AICPA Construction Auditing & Accounting Guide. The chapters listed in the Study Plan Guide are from “The Book”. If you’d like a copy of “The Book” you can get it here “The Book” .

Here in “The Book” are answers to highly specialized, construction-industry accounting challenges you face very day.

  • Industry Overview
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Financial Manager
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Income Recognition
  • Cash Management
  • Taxes
  • Legal Matters
  • Insurance
  • Organizational Structure
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • IT, Industry Benchmarks, and More!

The Book is the ultimate reference source and  the only publication if its kind that covers the above.  CFMA

All right then, Let’s get to studying.  Between now and August 11th 2017 we will be covering the Chapters in “The Book” listed in the Study Plan Guide.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and download the Study Plan Guide, review it. If you don’t already have “The Book” go ahead and order it. If you prefer to follow along with us instead of purchasing, this is OK too. To maintain our integrity and the integrity of “The Book”, we will not be copying or pasting any of the materials from “The Book”. We will however share our study materials with you and our discussions of the materials. And, we will continue to add questions from our study cliff notes.

Whew! That’s enough for now!! Let’s take this all in and meet again on the next post!

Thanks for following!


Terry E. Kelley

PS. Be sure to read up on the CCIFP Code of Ethics  ICCIFP website or you can click and follow the link in our post – CCIFP Code of Ethics


Author: Terry Kelley MBA

Controller in the Construction industry. Over the past 30 years I have worked as an electrician (studied 3 years at CCVTC -for Electrical) for 6 years. I've owned my own construction company for over 15 years (where I wore many hats) to include accounting and finance. And, for the remainder of my career I have and still are working as a Controller in the Construction Industry. I have earned my Bachelors degree and MBA in accounting. Now, I am working to earn my CCIFP certification. I have put together this study group in hopes of working together with other CCIFP candidates.

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